Jacob Vallø is a third-generation pig farmer in Denmark. The financial crisis takes its toll and he is forced either to refinance or lose the family business.
With his young daughter at his side, Jacob takes care in his work tending the pigs and preserving the pastoral way of life that is now in jeopardy.

Director: Andreas Koefoed
Photography: Sophia Olsson & Andreas Koefoed
Editing: Marlene Billie Andreasen
Sound: Morten Green
Production: Louise Kjær, Sidsel Lønvig, Sara Stockmann and Anne Regitze Wivel

28 min.
Barok Film 2011

Pig Country has been screened at IDFA, Full Frame, True/False, Odense IFF, Reykjavik IFF, Nordisk Panorama, Docuwest, and Go Short. And on National Danish TV, DR2.