Albert is at his window.
Watching the snow dance through the cold winter.
Eight years old and feeling the pressure of the world.
His mother is sick and in chemo therapy.
Albert would rather not talk about it.
Meanwhile his parents want him to start choir school.

Director: Andreas Koefoed
Cinematographer: Niels Thastum
Editor: Jacob Schulsinger
Sound: Jakob Garfield & Sylvester Holm
Music: Kirstine Stubbe Teglbjærg & Andreas Koefoed
Producer: Caroline Blanco
29 mmin, The National Film School of Denmark 2009
Contact: Julie Tarding,

Awards and nominations
Cinema Eye Honors, US, nomination for best short documentary of 2010
Special Jury Award, Roshd International Film Festival, Iran 2010
Best short film, Dokufest Kosova, 2010
Danish Dox Award at CPH:DOX 2009
Silverfjäril, Stockholm, Sweden 2009
Golden Projector, Asterfest Strumica, Macedonia 2010
Best Student Film, Go Short, Nijmegen, Netherlands 2010
Nomination for best short documentary at IDFA 2009
Nomination for best student film at Cinestud, NL 2010